Sunday, July 15, 2007

On the agenda for today... Onseies

Today I am going to work on adapting some of Jake's old Tshirts into Onesies. I bought Kwik Sew pattern 3429 which is a boys dancing leotard, but I'm not sure if it is appropriate as it is made for Lycra or very stretchy fabric and to be kinda snug fitting. That's not exactly what I am after. So the plan is to adapt some RTW tshirts (ie- just putting a snap crotch on it, so that he doesn't have to wear plain white Onseies all the time. ) So I got the length measurements off of the pattern. I'm thinking that the length should be pretty accurate as the stretch is left right. If it works out, then I will be adapting all of Jake's shirt. There's probably 8-10 in his closet, including a couple that are too big for next year. I have 5-10 shirts in a size 6 to 8 that he has outgrown that if the adaptions work out, I will be sewing up and offering the the Special Needs Exchange group for fairly cheap, so keep an eye out.

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