Sunday, July 15, 2007

Ottobre... you are my inspiration!!!

So I've been constantly talking myself out of buying the Ottobre magazine. It's too expensive, especially if I don't even know if I will like it. Soooooo.... Mike and I really want to lose weight. I weigh 180. I've been trying for a while, but my problem is that I am not responsible to anyone. There is no WW here and I wouldn't go anyway. The reward system never works for me either. If I want something I'm gonna get it, KWIM? There's nothing that I want that is so out there or unobtainable or expensive that I can't just go get it if I want it. BUT I finally came up with something. My long term goal is:

get down to 150 and we will go on an ACTUAL vacation. An actual overnight (at least) vacation. Having Jake makes it nearly impossible, and certainly undesirable to go anywhere overnight. Or even just a daytime trip because he is such a crab the whole time. Yelling and whining and crying. If he's not in front of the tv then he's not happy.

I'm not sure where yet, but trust me I have PLENTY of time to think about it!!

BUT... We are also using mini-goals, for every 5 pounds lost. Yeh, it should probably be every 10 pounds, but I am impatient! So for every 5 pounds lost, I will get an Ottobre magazine. I am really excited. I can't "weight" to see it. OMG I'm lame I know!!

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SewPaula said...

You will love Ottobre -- Everything goes together so well and the fit is great. Most of my sewing comes from Ottobre patterns. I rarely sew anything else. Can't wait to see your first sew and shows!

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