Saturday, October 6, 2007

Finally got a Onesie sewn for Katie

I finally got this sewn! I plan on making about 10 or so of these for her from different fabrics. We do cloth diapers at home and YES they do upon occasion LEAK!! So I'll make a few that can be changed when she leaks. She is starting to go "diggin" so she needs Onesies like big bubba. This'll probably be the only pic I post of her actually IN the Onesies, since there will be so many, but I'll post pics of them.

This is Ottobre #1/2004 pattern # 2. It is supposed to be a lap tee style shirt, but I hacked off the long pieces and just made it like a regular shirt. I also made it a short sleeve instead of long. Fabric is knit. I used Chez Ami interlock for the binding, but it's way too thick I think. I couldn't get the snaps though it. I had to use a bigger size snap, which looks kinda bad, not to mention I didn't get them place right. But it looks ok off a distance. My sewing was pretty good on it. It's the first time I have done knit binding.

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kerry said...

I am dying to find a pattern to make these for my almost 5 year old severely disabled son! He desperately needs onesies and as you have said they are not easily found! Any advice on where to look is great!

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