Saturday, December 22, 2007

Feeling Blue

I'm really feeling blue lately. Everything just seems so hectic and I just don't have time for anything. I think mostly I'm missing my grandma. She's been gone for about a year and a half now, and I still think of her and miss her most every day.

I love Christmas, but it's always been a reminder of just how dysfunctional my family has always been. My grandma was one of the best parts of Christmas when I was little. My biological father never had anything to do with me, in fact he signed away rights to me when I was 4 to my dad, but my grandma (bio father's mom) was always there for me. I miss her so much.

Now with my own family... my oldest moved out a couple years ago and things have been a bit strained there. And my younger 2 kids don't understand Christmas and never will. It just makes me sad.

Anyway. Enough moping for now.

I finished 2 bibs for Jake and need to do one more. I just cut out the Ottobre pattern for a pair of pj bottoms for my oldest. Fingers crossed that they will sew up FAST tomorrow. I really need to get them done!! I am half way done with embroidering a cute jean jacket for Katie! I (the sewing machine) messed up on one spot. But I think it'll be ok. I can't wait to post of pic of it!

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