Thursday, January 10, 2008

FINALLY got another Onesie done for Katie

YAY! It turned out ok, a little big, but she'll grow. I really didn't like this fabric and thought about selling it, but decided to use it at a first attempt at this pattern, which is Ottobre 3/2004 Autumn issue, pattern #2, sz 92. I will be making more, but will shorten the arms, possibly not do ribbed cuffs, and definitely do some short sleeves. I think it came out good, and I really like the fabric much better as a finished garment than I did just as a fabric. Next I will make one more from cheapo fabric, and then on to Chez Ami!! :-)

As a side note, I must say that the wheelchair capes that I sell are so cozy! I'm sitting here at 11pm and I'm fairly cool. I need to decide on a length for a cape that I am making for an adult friend of mine who uses a wheelchair. So I grab Jake's and put it on, that was over 1/2 an hour ago and I still am wearing it!!! Nice and warm!

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