Sunday, March 16, 2008

New outfit for Katie finally done

It took me so long to finish this outfit, the pants are almost too short!! Katie had a huge growth spurt!

The pants are from Target. The were supposed to be a sz 3T but are no where near it. I bout 4 pair of these and am going to have to cut open and alter every pair! They are 5 inches too long and about 2 sizes too tight in the tummy!! So I ripped open the side seams and put in panels, then added elastic to the waist! Viola.. diaper room!

I made the shirt. It is the Hilda/Tilda pattern from Ottobre issue 6/2007 #27 size 98.

You can see in the pic of her modeling the outfit, she is leaning to the right a bit. She has fallen twice in the past month and twisted her left ankle and doesn't want to put any weight down on the left. It was sooo hard to get this picture!


Girl in Louisiana said...

She's so sweet!

Oh I should have been looking at the clothes right?

Nice job there too!

Peu de Maison Bleue said...

Phish, it gave me a blogger account lol

This is Bhambaby from SM btw. Posting now with my regular blogging site name.

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