Friday, April 4, 2008


Top is Otto 4/2004 #35 modified into a bodysuit w/ heart applique from Emblibrary. Bottoms are Otto 6/2007 Lily leggings modified with a yoga waistband because I messed up big time. sz 98 for both.

I traced out 2 of the same leg, so when I put them together, one leg was backward resulting in the front and back seams not being in the middle. Because nothing lined up right, I had to cut down the waist band area to make it even which left NO room for elastic, so I added the yoga band. The fit is too tight, but she'll get some wear out of them. Not sure if the tightness is due to how they are cut or not enough stretch to the fabric. ETA---- just realized thatthey are probably too tight due to the diaper!! I need to add diaper allowance!

I used dark blue thread on the cover stitch for the sleeve because it's the only thing I had 3 spools of! I would have preferred a lighter, less obvious color as my cover stitching stinks!

I am quite pleased and proud at how well/pretty the binding looks.

The top fits well, but next time I'll probably add an inch to the length. I used snap tape because I didn't have any thick twill tape that I usually use with my snaps/snap press. I don't really like snap tape, as I like bigger snaps, but it'll do.

This one's just for fun. DD can't stand anything in her hair. It really drives her nuts. She's tactile sensitive. The whole time taking pics, my dh is off to the side, snatching down her hands. Her was getting so frustrated! Look at his face! LOL

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