Tuesday, May 20, 2008

FINALLY got it finished!!

Well, I didn't get it finished last night like I had planned, but almost. And then I finished it today!! I am so glad to be done with this.. and will not be doing this one again!!! It's a cute shirt, really, but it was just frustrating for me. When I added the snap crotch area SOMEHOW it thru off the seams on the colorblocking. Nothing lined up properly. I HAD to get the crotch are correct, so I lined that up and then just started hacking the rest of the seams until the fit together. This look off at least 2 inches in width. So it's a bit snug in width and I do not like the sleeves. I also used ribbing that is just to thick and heavy making the collar pull a little. But it's cute enough and functional to keep his hands out of his diaper.

Ottobre issue 2/2005 color block raglan adapted into a bodyshirt Onesie.

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