Monday, May 5, 2008

Sad tonight about something ridiculous!

How ridiculous is this? I am sitting here all alone. 10:30 at night, everyone is sleep in bed, and I am about to cry because Jake doesn't wear underwear! I feel like an idiot. I was looking at some pictures of things that other mom's have sewn (Ottobre) and I see a pic of a little boy modeling his outfit, and there peeking up from the top of his pants, you could see the top of his underwear. And something just came over me. I welled up and nearly bawled. J will always be in diapers. He couldn't care less. But it just makes me sad. We never got to do the character underwear. Spiderman, Superman, Cars. None of it. Would he be a boxers or briefs guy? My bet is boxer briefs, like his daddy. LOL! Yeh, I bought him a pair or 2 when he was little, but they don't fit well over diapers and adding another layer of clothing just isn't necessary. I've always known he would always be in diapers, it's no big surprise or revelation. But tonight, it's breaking my heart... stupid drawls.

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