Monday, May 5, 2008

Special Needs Bumbo

When K was little we used the baby Bumbo with her and it worked really well. I emailed the company (along with zillions of other special needs families) to ask for a larger special needs version. I received an email from them this week that it is now available. I am a bit disappointed in the price, and evidently many folks are as the high price is addressed in their email. It is called the Childrite and costs $200. I do understand that it is bigger and more material had to be used, but I just can't see that it should have went from $40 to $200. C'est la vie. Call something "special needs" and quadruple the price. That's something I refuse to do in my store.

Anyhoo- We won't be getting the Childrite, as K no longer needs one. And if we did still need a seat, I would most likely go with the Tumbleforms or Special Tomato as they have straps and are a bit more secure.

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Jenny said...

Love this new Bumbo...but you're right about the price! That's ridiculous!!


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