Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Camo Raglan

OK, I will not be making J anymore raglan shirts. They do not work well on his body shape. With the last one I made, it looked and fit poorly and I figured it must be my sewing, something I did wrong. But I know I did this one right and it still fits wonky. So no more!

It's a little too long and I'm not sure how that happened either. In all the pics I took, the neck line looks wonky, but if you take the shirt off, lay it down flat, it looks fine. I think it's because he's so skinny and boney. His shoulders don't slant down they actually kinda go up a little so the raglan is just not for him. In the pic he is reaching down and leaning forward, so it does look like his shoulders slant down, but they don't.

The pattern started out as an Otto raglan sweatshirt. I took out some of the width, and shanged into a short sleeve, and of course added the snap crotch.

Anyhoo.... here it is...

And here's a great pic of J and daddy:

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