Friday, July 11, 2008

UFO's... no not aliens!

I got some Unfinished Objects (UFO) done this week. No pics, as they aren't really pic worthy. LOL I sewed up a cushion for J's feeding chair. I finished up a pair of flannel lounge pants for J, I FINALLY applied some snaps to J's new KC Chiefs bib, lined 2 of 3 curtains with blackout, sewed up a couple of wash cloths for J... and even managed to get my sewing room straight. All with a sick baby.

K woke up sick this morning with a 100 degree fever and feeling really bad. No seizures though thank goodness.

I've got a ton of different projects planned and I just can't decide/commit to starting one. I have in the works... a walker bag, a wheelchair bag, and some clothes for the kids.

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