Friday, July 4, 2008

WOOOOO HOOOOO! K's talking!!!

This is a 3 part post, make sure to read it all!!

K is almost 3 and does not speak. We assume that she won't because her older brother does not and they have the same medical issues.

She has been surprising us constantly with her development. We truly are expecting her to surpass Jake in the next couple of years. I used to call them twins they were so identical in their development. I don't know if it is because we got her started in her treatment earlier than we did J of if it's because girls are sometimes affected less severely than boys or if it's luck that she isn't as severe. But they are no longer "identical".

J was never able to do sign. But K is steadily picking it up. AND!!!!! tonight she had pooped and I told her pee-u you did a stinky! Let's change your diaper. And as I am laying her back she signs "diaper" which I knew she could do.... and then out it came.... ""da-puh"!!!

Mike came running out of the kitchen and says I HEARD THAT!!!

As I changed her diaper I signed it several times and asked her to say it again, and she did! She's not saying it over and over or anything like in conversation. But she said it!!!!

I thought I heard her say it yesterday, but I let it pass and didn't tell dh.

It's the first 2 syllable "word" she has said. Everything else has been one syllable over and over like "buh buh buh" for .. well everything. Ball, book, bubbles. She has said buh-ba for bubbles, but that's not like diaper where the 2 sounds are more distinct.

We are sooo happy!!! Now.. if I could just get her to eat her supper! I have to shove it in and stick my finger in behind it to keep her from spitting EVERY bite out. YES... I do get bit! And vomited on. LOL



HOLY COW!!! I am in total shock and crying! I can not believe this.

I fed K supper and let her feed herself cheese puffs. MESSY!

As usual, as soon as she's out of the high chair she starts signing "bath" ... which I try to ignore until she gives up LOL

Well I was trying to ignore her... so what does she do????

She SAYS.....

I want bath!!! VERBALLY says "ah wun ba" while she signs bath!! I freaked out. Mike denies it.... she says it at least 3 more times.... He still denies it. He says get her to say it one more time and he'll believe it... so I say K, do you want a bath? She signs bath and I tell her use your words and I tapped her jaw and she says it again!!!!

So here I am sitting in the bathroom floor while she is splashing away saying ba, ba, ba.

How did she go from completely nonverbal to speaking sentences in 20 minutes?!?!?

I know I know, hopes getting too high here. LOL It's just one sentence. May never happen again. J said more and water when he was little and when he turned 3, he lost it never to return.

But still, you guys have no idea (or maybe some of you do ) to have a nonverbal child show signs of speech. It's scary to get your hopes up.


I got one more update for the night! Mike left her on the sofa "just to see if she would fall".....What he was thinking I don't know? (I've been working with her getting down safely, but she's only done it twice and certainly not ready to be left alone on it) Anyhoo- as you can guess, she fell and screamed and cried. He picked her up and was trying to comfort her and she cried and cried and finally said "ah wan maw-muh"!!!! :) :)

TO COOOOOL!!!! I am happy beyond words!!

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