Saturday, August 2, 2008

My latest "Creations" LOL

I've been working away, but not able to post anything, as they were gifts for my dad and stepmom for their wedding. They were married today, so I will post them now.

First I monogrammed some towels.

I also sewed her an apron, as she likes to bake.

Also, here is the outfit that I made for K to wear. Since we don't do dresses because she crawls or is carried all the time, I did a tunic and some jeans. Both the top and bottoms are Ottobre patterns, I call them FrankenOtto's as both items come from me merging different patterns. I liked features of different patterns so I combined them.

The top is a combo of the Strawberry Tunic (3/2008 #12) and the Nasta Pinafore (#3, 4/2008). I tried to do a bound neckline and it just wasn't working for me. So I decided to do a turn and topstitch lining, only problem is I had nothing to line it with!! NOTHING. And no fabric store within an hour, so I did what I had to do. I cut up my favorite cami and used that.

The fabric for the top is Chez Ami lightweight/ fine cord.

The jeans really gave me a fit!! They are a combo of the Girls Velveteen Pants (#18) and the Jeans/Velveteen Pants (#15) issue 3/2005. The detail on the back is "different" and if K walked it might be worth the effort, but she is usually in her chair, so maybe not worth it to us, but it did come out pretty good. The elastic waist didn't work as well as I had hoped. The elastic doesn't have enough stretch and neither did the denim. It was a bear getting the waistband on. I winged it anyway. I started by sewing the elastic into the folded waistband in the flat (ie I didn't sewing the waist band fabric in a circle first) and then stitched the lines thru the elastic and waistband like you see in RTW elastic waist pants, and then attaching.

I brought the front of the pants up too high when I combined the patterns, it's a little to high in the rise.

I added a fake fly and the ruffles on the bottom ... which may be overkill.

The jeans are really too big for her and I am hoping that because she will be in her chair most of the day, it'll be fine. I hate to make them too small!! But see the problem was with the elastic. I had to make the elastic long enough so they would go over her hips, but then there wasn't enough stretch. If I went tighter on her waist, they wouldn't go over the hips. Oh well... maybe I'll add belt loops later on. Plus they are too long, which I did intentionally as she will not wear shoes or socks, so they will cover her feet!

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