Friday, September 12, 2008

New outfit for K! Otto & Farbenmix

I finally got this outfit finished! I love the pants, but I'm not feelin' the shirt, and I don't like them together. But I LOVE LOVE these pants!! They fit loose, which is perfect for kids still in diaper like K. I added an inch to the rise of the rear to cover the diaper more at the top. They are a little too long and maybe a bit too big, but she's only gonna grow, right?

The pants are all fine wale cord. The pattern is Farbenmix Dortje. sz 104 or 110. The shirt is from Ottobre 3/2004, #13. I'm not a fan of the colors and think it's a little busy to go with the pants. The pattern is long sleeves, but I made it short sleeves and added some snap on long sleeves for the fall. I think that came out pretty cool, but the fabrics are different weights and the pink is heavier and is pulling the red. But it's ok I guess.

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