Wednesday, September 24, 2008

New shirt for J

I've had this shirt finished except for the neck for a while now. I was hoping to find some blue ribbing for the neck to match the shirt, but I couldn't, so I just used white. I prefer to match, not contrast, but it'll be ok. J doesn't care LOL!!!


Jennifer said...

Can I ask you where you get your patterns for your sons shirts? I sew lots of stuff for Peyton and have such a hard time finding a pattern for a snap crotch shirt. Also wondering if you have any good sources for cute knit fabrics? I saw the links you had to some coops. I used to belong to some but can never find cute knits for making shirts for her.

Mom said...

Hi! I get most of my fabrics through co-ops. I also use ebay as well as

I draft my own patterns for bodyshirts. I don't sell my pattern but you can always buy a pattern for a leotard and allow for ease and add a snap crotch. Leotards are meant to be tight and stretchy, so I would suggest going up a size on the pattern.

Jennifer said...

Thanks so much for the advice and info. I greatly appreciate it. Your work is beautiful and so are your kids :o)

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