Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Katie's new flower pants

So I cut this fabric out to be the Jalie overalls and I looked at it and said, that's just too much floral for all over

Turns out that they were SUPER EASY to just cut down into jeans. I just left the front the same and didn't add the belt and bib pieces, and for the back, I just cut off the extra fabric that makes the overalls go up the back.

I will still make the overalls at some point, but I will stick to blue jean I think.

Anyhoo- I did add a higher rise as she wears diapers. I really like the fit! I did the elastic different than I ever have in the past. I serged the elastic on to the top of the waist band, folded down and top stitched (2 lines as I missed in spots with the first line, plus it looks better with the 2 lines)

I need to remember next time to flare the bottoms a bit, as I don't care for the tapered look.

As for the pockets. Front pockets are sewn shut on the outside and also on the inside I just serged off all of the pocking fabric. She doesn't need pockets but I like the look of them on pants. Whenever I make actual pockets, they gape open and just look messy, and make the pants baggy but sewn shut they work great.

Back pockets were just getting lost in the print, so I trimmed them with bias tape. I like how that came out.

The shirt is from Walmart! I would rather pair it with a turq shirt, but I didn't have one.

BTW- they are just laying crooked in the pic, they aren't wonky.

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