Thursday, December 18, 2008

Christmas Dress & Patchwork Ball for my niece

This dress, despite all my mess ups, came out beautiful! I am so proud of it!! It is for my dad's new wife's, new grand baby... make sense? My new step niece (I don't know them, but love my new stepmom, so wanted to do something special for her).

The dress is Otto 1/2004, # 6 Dress, sz 62. I added the sash and ring.

The manni it's on is stretching it a bit across the chest, so that's why it may look a bit big up top. The top is some scrap crushed velvet/panne (whatever it's called LOL). The bottom is flannel backed satin.

This is the first zipper I've done in like 10 years, yep, I screwed up big time, it's down too low from the top. But oh, well, it's done.

The sleeves look like they are going to be too long, but it's wide enough that it could probably be worn as a shirt with some jeans in a couple months, as well as being a dress for now.

It actually has a bit more fullness to the bottom than what the pic shows.

And a patchwork cloth ball that I found a tutorial for here:

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