Friday, December 5, 2008

Tons of Tutes- For Baby & Mama

All links are to various tutorials around the net. They are not mine unless marked as such. By clicking on a link, you will be navigating away from THIS site. You may want to right click and open in a new tab so that you don't get lost! (how do you think I found so many links? LOL
If you would like to link to my Tons of Tutes list, here is the master list: Tons of Tutes

Blankets, Quilts, Pillows, Towels, etc Bibs & Burb Cloths
Crib Sheets PooPocket Bib
Tiramisu Blanket Shaped Burp Cloth
Chenille Baby Blanket Snap On Bib w? Pocket
Mini-Quilt Bunny Bib
Quilted Pocket Pillow Washcloth Bib
Quick & Easy Receiving Blanket Child Bib w/ Sleeves
Toddler bed sheets Bib
Fitted Crib Sheet Baby Bedding Pattern Burp Cloths
Handmade Baby Quilt Patterns Baby Bib
Strip Baby Quilt Tutorial Cloth Diaper Burp Cloths
Fleece Baby Blanket Patterns
Hooded Frog Towel Pattern Easy Peasy Burp Cloth
Easy Peasy Swaddle Sheet Homemade By Jill Bib
Cradle Bumper New Conceptions Bib
Crib Dust Ruffle Chenille Bib
Baby Bumper Pads Homemade By Jill Burp Cloth
Receiving Blanket Another Burp Cloth
Receiving Blanket/Swaddler Burp Cloth from Diapers
Baby crib bumpers New Conceptions Burp Cloth
Crib Bumpers
Crib Skirt
Crib Fitted Sheet
Receiving Blanket Reversible Quilted Baby Bib
Crib Set Ideas and Dimensions Bib
Taggie Blanket
Baby Hooded Towel
Knit Hat & Receiving Blanket
Diaper Bags, Changing Mats, Wipes Holder, etc
Floating World View's Stroller Liner Open Pocket Pouch
Easy Hooded Bath Towel A different diaper bag
baby clothes quilt Hip Mama Diaper Bag
Crib Bumper Breastfeeder's diaper bag/purse
Dust Ruffle LITE
swaddling blankets Fabric diaper case
Twin Duvet Cover Diaper Bag Sewing Pattern
Dresser Cloth/Crib Quilt Diaper & Wipes Case Pattern
Scalloped Rag Quilt Placemat Diaper Bag Instructions

Diaper Bag with Elastic Pocket
Diapers, Training Pants, Wipes, Wet Bags, etc Hip Mama Diaper Bag
Travel Diaper Case & Changing Pad
Pacifier Lanyard & Carrying Case
Quick Trip Diaper Bag

Wet Bag Pattern Diaper Pouch
Cloth Diaper Wipes Instructions Celtic Cloths Changing Pad Cover Pattern
Chloe Toes Side Snapping Diaper CoverChanging Pad
Diaper Bag
Binky Leash
Travel Changing Pad
Cloth Diapers
Cloth Diapers Toys
Sew Your Own Diapers Martha Stewart's Fabric Baby Book
Fitted Diaper Counting Bean Bag
Ottobre Cloth Diaper Pattern Gigi Giraffe
Faux Fuzzi Bunz Diaper Pattern Wrist Rattle
T-Shape Diaper Cloth Blocks
How to Draft a Cloth Diaper Pattern Quick Ribbon Ring Teether Toy
The Nappy Network Soft Blocks Sewing Tutorial
Goodness Gracious Diapers 1-2-3 Soft Blocks
KCK Swim Diaper Pattern Toddler Touchy Worm
Cloth Diapers Washcloth Puppets
Homemade fleece pocket Patchwork Ball
PooPockets soft cube
Celtic Cloths AIO Baby blocks
Celtic Cloths Wet Bag Butterfly Doll

Patchwork Cube
Making it Little by Little Baby Rings
Grab Ball
Ditto Daddy™ Trainer Pattern 1 Simple Patchwork Ball
Ditto Daddy™ Trainer Pattern 2 Eddie Earthworm
DIY Stylish Baby Wipes Container
No Elastic Fleece Pull-Up Cover
Little Comet Tails Wrap
Katrina's Sew Quick Soaker
Classic Rita's Rump Diaper Clothing
Boise Cloth Diapers Wool Wrap
Darling Diapers Newborn Fitted Newborn Sun Hat
Mama Bird Diaper Pattern Baby Kimono
Preemie Pattern & Training Pants Pattern Applique Onesies

Baby Bonnet
Baby Bum Sweaters Becca's Sleep Sack
Confessions of a Diaper Fanatic - prefold Lap Shoulder Baby Gown

Home of the Free RRP Diaper pattern! Baby Pants

Infant Cap
Baby Carriers Baby sleeping bag

Sun Bonnet
Rings Slings Newborn hat from tshirt
Lined Baby Sling Baby Leg Warmers
One-layer ring sling Newborn Gown from Tshirt
Reversible sling 1 Baby Dress Tunic
Reversible sling 2 Newborn Sleeper
Reversible sling 3 Bonnet
Reversible sling with rails Fleece Mittens
No-Sew sling Vintage Baby Day Gown
other shoulder styles Itty Bitty Baby Dress

Baby Yoga Pants
Sling-A-Ma-Bob French Sewing Patterns
UpMama! adjustable pouch sling Japanese Sewing Patterns
Didymos Baby Bonnet
Ruffle Bonnet
Tulip Petal Sun Hat
Ring Sling
Pleated Ring Sling
Padded Baby Sling Shoes
MayaWrap toddler shoes

baby slippers
Pouches Kimono Shoes
Tube Sling Bitty Booties
Celtic Cloths Pouch Sling Felt Baby Shoes
Stacie's pouch sling Stardust Cloth Shoes
MamaToto Fleece Chinese Slippers
Karma Baby Soft Baby Shoes

Soft Leather Shoes
Asian Style Carriers New Conceptions Booties
Mei Tai Carrier with Interchangeable Panels Tacky Baby Shoes
Beth Mei Tai 3 seam baby footies 0-6 mos
Korean Podaegi cloth baby shoes 0-6 m
Melanie's Podeagi Baby Carrier mary jane shoes
Basic Mei Tai wool felt booties
Sarah's "Frankenkozy"
Beth's "Man Tai"
Kimber's "Ball Baby Overall" mei tai Misc.
Susan's modified Mei Tai High contrast mobile

Quilted Playmat

Washcloth Puppets
Chelsea and Shira's soft-structured carrier Boppy Slipcover
Brooke's hood/headrest mei tai Nursing Pillow
Scandi Mei Tai Nursery Wall Decor

Bird Mobile

Restaurant High Chair Cover

Grocery Cart Seat Cover

Chair sling

Make Baby Headbands

Car Seat Strap Covers

Michael Miller's Organizer

Car Organizer

Splat Mat & Carrying Case
Insulated Baby Bottle Carrier
Booster Seat Cushion
Baby's Sleeping Door Hanger

For Mama

Pocket Cloth Pads Overlap Nursing Top
Nursing Cover Hidden Nursing Top
Pocket Cloth Pads Maternity Belly Band Tutorial

Maternity Shirts
Maternity Skirt
Panty Liner DIY Maternity Jeans
Faux Luna Pad KCK Nursing Pad Pattern
Cloth menstrual pads Nursing Pad
Circle Pad Maternity Skirt
Homemade Sanitary Pad Convert jeans to maternity
Diana's layered core tutorial
DIY Cloth Pads Hooter hider
Pocket Pads Hooter hider/bosom buddy/nursing cover
Pocket Cloth Pads Nursing Bra
Pocket Many Moons Cloth Pads Nursing Twist Top
Nursing Cover

Am I missing a link to a great tute? Would you like to have your tutorial listed here? Leave me a comment!


Christine said...

Love all the tutes, thanks so much for reminding of them on sewing mamas.
Coveredbydesign aka Christine

itsMeFred said...

I just wanted to update a link on your sling sewing page.
Sling_a_ma_bob (the hotdog style shoulder) has moved.

it's now here:

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