Friday, December 5, 2008

Tons of Tutes- Special Needs

All links are to various tutorials around the net. They are not mine unless marked as such. By clicking on a link, you will be navigating away from THIS site. You may want to right click and open in a new tab so that you don't get lost! (how do you think I found so many links? LOL
If you would like to link to my Tons of Tutes list, here is the master list: Tons of Tutes

Cart Hugger & Chair Hugger Tutorial burial gown and bonnet
Queen Bolster Pillow boy’s interment outfit
The Totally Tubular T-shirt Dress Tutorial (gtube) Fetal Demise Pouch
Eye Patch Keepsake Hankie
Sailor in Burmuda (drop front pants) Angel's Pocket
Adult Bibs preemie burial gown
Lap Robe
Snuggles Blanket
nb/preemie booties
walker caddy Preemie Sleeper
Walker Caddie positioning snake
Wheelchair Totes preemie kimono for ICU
annie's walker tote preemie shirt
laura's walker bag day gown
wheel chair tote
wheel chair/walker caddy preemie fleece hat
wheelchair bag preemie cuddler 2
ID Tags chemo hat
DIY Therapy sacks
neck coolers snood
Chemotherapy Turbans

after surgery neck pillow chemo cap
iCare - Intensive Care for the Spirit Reversible Chemo Hat
Hospital Bed Saddlebag chemo bandanna
iv pouch
catheter bag cover

Am I missing a link to a great tute? Would you like to have your tutorial listed here? Leave me a comment!

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