Sunday, April 12, 2009

PJ pants for Katie

Got these sewed up just in time for the end of Stash Game. She will wear thru the knees so fast, I'll be sewing more in a couple weeks!! That's ok cause it was a super easy pattern. Another Ottobre of course!! The Lily Leggings. 2 pair were made according to their pattern and the other 2 , I adjusted and added 2 inches in the width of the leg. I wanted a less fitted legging. More of a lounge pant, but I didn't want to have to trace out another pattern, so I improvised! I also add a half inch to the waistband and used 1 inch elastic instead of 1/2 inch and I add diaper allowance to the rear. Next time, I'll take off an inch or 2 in the leg length though.

And here is a pic of her modeling the one of the pair that were a tiny too snug. I will probably end up slicing them up the outer side of the lag and adding a 2 inch panel to each leg.

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