Thursday, April 2, 2009

Stash Game Day 1 & 2- Ottobre for Katie

Stash Game has started... IT IS ON!!! Yes, I am lame. LOL :-) Stash Game is something we play occasionally on where you try to sew as much as you can. I typically SUCK at it as I don't have a lot of time with Katie here all day, but the kids MUST have some clothes, so I'm trying......

Woo- Hoo!! I got a whole outfit done for Katie!!! And a onesie.

Denim shorts- Otto 3/2006 #10 "Colorful summer pants" sz 104, fit pretty good, I just got the elastic a little too loose. I think I am going to add some belt loops. All the top stitching is triple stitched!! I like the look a little better than the single thin line. A little wonky in places, but not too bad!

Top- Otto 3/2008 #12 "Strawberry Tunic" sz 104, shortened quite a bit. I measured off a RTW that fits well in length. I also took in a little of the width of the tunic flare. (not the over all width thru the chest, as she is broad, but it was just too dress like)

Pink Hippo Onesie is Creative Workshop 301 sz 104 tshirt, altered into a onesie.

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