Saturday, August 15, 2009

Bubble Wall in Vinyl

I am redecorating my kids playroom. I'm almost done, but I just finished up this one wall and wanted to share. I think it turned out so awesome! If you like it too and think you would like to try it (It is super easy) here are the instructions.

If your kids are able, it would be cool if the kid's silhouette were of your actual kids! My kids are not able to sit still, so I will also tell you how to do this the way I did!

1A- If your kids are able, then all you do if the old trick we all learned in school. Hang a piece of poster board up on the wall with tape. Place a light (lamp, spotlight, etc) a few feet from the wall directioned toward the poster board. Have your child sit in between the light source and the poster board, so that their shadow is cast on the poster board. You want their side profile. (Have them sit with side to the wall) You will need to move the light and/or child closer toward the wall or farther from the wall, depending on how large you want your silhouette to be. You will have to play around a bit. I just went with the full size of the poster board. Have them hold their arm up and pucker their lips as if blowing bubbles (you can have them hold a bubble wand if you want, but they are so thin they might not show up well anyway. You can just freehand draw that) Trace their shadow.

1B- If you kids are not able to sit for this, then you can go to Google Image Search. Search for child blowing bubbles silhouette, or something like that. Find a picture you like (the bigger the better), save it to your computer.

Crop out anything extra in the picture if you need to. Print at full or fill page size. This will use a lot of black ink! Use fast draft print option, or if you have Photoshop, use the magic wand tool to select the entire black part of the image and delete it out, HOPEFULLY it will leave a slight outline of your image, which is all you need! Print at full/fill page size. Cut this image out.

Place small cut out in between lamp and poster board the same as you have the child. Tinker with it to make it stand up. I used tape on both sides, taping it down to a table and somehow managed to get it to stand!! Trace shadow.

2- Cut out this large silhouette.

3- Place large cutout onto vinyl. I bought my vinyl from Vinyl Outlet. Tape. Trace.

4-Remove cutout and use an xacto knife to cut the vinyl. Go VERY slowly and VERY carefully!!! You can use scissors if you want, but the xacto knife will give you a smoother, more even edge. You will need the xacto knife for the smaller areas, and also the bubbles.

5- Place the new vinyl cutout on your wall where you want to hang it to make sure that it will fit and to decide for sure that's where you want it. You don't want to be pulling it off several times due to mistakes. Once you are sure, then peel off the backing of the vinyl and hang on wall. rub out all of the air bubbles. If you have textured walls, you can use a tennis ball to rub the vinyl into the crevices.

6- Use a circle cutter (available at Walmart or craft stores) to cut out multi sizes of circles. If you don't have a circle cutter you can use a cup or other round object, trace and cut out by hand (the circle cutter will of course look better)

7- Use xacto knife to cut out little triangular shapes in the circles to look like a light source.

8- Hang on wall randomly.

9- Stand back and be amazed at how cool your wall looks!

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Dena said...

My children are grown and have families of their own, but this sure would be a fun project to do. Maybe with the grandchildren. Thanks for sharing.

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