Saturday, August 29, 2009

School Clothes for Katie (and Jake)

Well, I didn't get as much sewn for the kids as I would have liked. I didn't really do ANYTHING for Jake. I did just finish him a jacket and that's all I've done for him. I plan to start on at least 2 pair of jeans for him this week.

This pattern is from Otto 4/2007 called the Bulldog Sweat Jacket. I changed it to a snap closure instead of the zipper. I angles the ends of the collar down. Honestly I didn't read the instructions, so I'mnot sure how it was supposed to be, but I just saw a pic of someone else's and the collar isn;t angled down. Oh well. I like it better this way I think. The fabric is a sweatshirt fleece, but it is a super high content of poly. Has no stretch at all.

All the rest has been for Katie.

The sweatshirt is from Otto 4/2007 and called the Holey Hoodie. The darker purple outer is french terry and the lighter purple lining is Chez Ami interlock.

The pants are the Farbenmix Dortje and are a fine cord from Joann's.

The top is a combination of 2 Otto patterns. The crossfront shirt in issue 3/2004 and the Strawberry Tunic in issue 3/2008 and is from the same Chez Ami fabric as the lining on the hoodie. All 3 of these items will/can be worn together. The hoodie removed once she's at school of course.

This is the Farbenmix Hoverrock with some of the width taken out, shoulder straps altered to snap in the back, and lengthened into long pants. It is a twill from Joann's.

These pants are are very thick denim or heavy twill with a fine cord trim. Otto 3/2004. I changed the pockets up by using the pockets off of the Bert pattern. I raised the rear rise just a little to accomodate Katie's diaper. Hand embroidery on the back pockets took forever!!

The top is Otto 3/2006. I closed the sides of the dress, shortened it into a top and added buttons to the back (or front can be worn either way) One worn of advice if you want to change this pattern into a top, you might want to take some of the width out, I will need to put ties on the sides to take in like 3 inches off each side!!!

Well, that's it!! That was all of my summer sewing! It was difficult with both kids home. They are both so demanding of my time!! I will be opening my store back up on Sept. 7th and will be having a BIG SALE! Please check it out!!!


momtofatdogs said...

I have loved looking at the selelction of fabrics that you make your children's clothing from! I have already placed 2 orders w/ Chez Ami! I should get the first order tomorrow! I also ordered a snap press. I hope that comes in real handy as it was SO pricey!

Thanks for pointing the way -

Have missed reading about you /your children!

Sam in Middle TN

Khris said...

oh boy do I love that owl fabric. Where did you get that from if you dont mind me asking.

Micky said...

The owl fabric is from Joann's from either the spring or summer collections, I believe. I've not seen it there in months though.

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