Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Turtleneck for Katie

I decided to finally get this thing sewed up yesterday! It's just a simple turtleneck. Nothing fancy at all. Just a simple basic piece to wear under other stuff. It's Ottobre 4/2007 # 18.


momtofatdogs said...

Too cute! I'll have to hunt that issue. I'll make them in multiples for the grandbaby.

I remember PAYING $7 - $10 per turtle neck when my girls were little.

Katie is losing her baby look. Her face is beginning to thin out. You have beautiful children.

Holler at me on my email, I have a few paterns you might be interested in.

Sam in Middle TN

Micky said...

Hi Sam- This particular pattern(turtleneck) starts at size 110 but there are other smaller ones I'm sure! Katie is starting to thin out, which is a GOOD thing! She's been in a size 5 since she was 3!! She's still in a 5 but her height is finally catching up! I don't have your email, and I can't access your profile tonight (it won't load) Feel free to email me though. mickyashley(AT)yahoo.com

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