Tuesday, March 23, 2010

FarbenApples & OttoCords

I finished up this set for Katie. I loved the shirt until I added the big brown collar! I didn't have any other ribbing that matched. So to balance it out, I decided to do the bottoms in brown too. I think that it does balance out the big dark collar, but kinda looks a bit boyish to me. But anytoot.

I love how the contrasting topstitching on the shorts look! I started topstitching in brown and didn't like it so I ripped it out and did green and I think it really makes the shorts.

The shirt is Antonia by Farbrnmix and I used Chez Ami apples, stripes, and solid pink. The shorts are Ottobre 3/2006 Sailor Pants (cut into shorts). Brown cord.


momtofatdogs said...

Adorable! I think the brown ribbing looks just fine.


Dena said...

I think the brown ribbing completes the outfit. Great job!

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