Monday, March 1, 2010

Farbenmix outfit for Kai

I'm not sure if I like this outfit (together) or not. It's a bit more loud than what I'm used to. The colors match perfectly. It's all Chez Ami with the exception of the denim, but it seems a bit much. Mike likes it though, go figure.

Anytoot. Katie wears a sz 104 in Otto, I've never had any issues with the fit, but every.single.thing I sew for her in Farbenmix that I've done in a 104 has been VERY MUCH too small. So for the pants (Qumiara) I had to add a 3 inch yoga waist.

They were also about an inch too short, so i had to add the ruffle at the bottom, which in my opinion, the leg hems were W-I-D-E enough and didn't need the extra width of the ruffle, but they were too short and not much I could do.

They're also a bit tight across the hips.... so all in all.... I should have went up (at LEAST) a size!!!!! LOL I would say that next time I will, but IDK if I'll make them again. I mean I like them, but you can't have but so many of this style pant!! LOL Maybe in a couple years.

The shirt is the Quiara. I did go up a size on this!! And SOOOO glad I did! Cause even in the bigger size, it's still a bit snug, and of course that Chez Ami interlock just does NOT stretch at all! But I love this shirt! I'll def make it again but will ad a tiny bit of width if I use Chez again.

I wasn't attending it while the emb stitched out and the tension evidently got off and you can see the bobbin thread about an inch! My own fault.

She wore this to school this morning and I told her let's go show all your friends your new clothes. So while I was pushing her down the hall to her classroom, she was pointing to her shirt showing everyone we met!! LOL

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