Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Medical Info Holder

I just got this sewed up for Katie. I need to do one for Jake. I think it came out ok. Not the best, but then again, I just winged the pattern. I went into my sewing room with the intention of sewing Katie some sleepers, and somehow ended up with this! LOL Anyway. The Medical symbol is embroidered (emb from www.emblibrary.com) though I can't seem to find it up there anymore.

I'll put Katie's picture in the sleeve along with all of her medical information including emergency contact info, her dx such as cerebral palsy, seizures, nonverbal, etc and medications, and a copy of her insurance card. But will also list her ABILITIES. Such as, uses some picture communication and sign. And also things that someone would need to know if I am unable to be there. Such as: what they will eat (hotdogs and pizza is about it LOL), puts hands in diapers, will fall out of a bed, needs an enclosed bed or permanent supervision, drinks Boost from a baby bottle 3-4 x per day. Jake will be much the same, except he doesn't use sign, or pictures very well for that matter, and of course, I will put that he BITES when mad or hurt.


Karen said...

Neat idea! What will you attach it to? Great idea to include her abilities and other helpful information about caring for her.

Micky said...

Well, that's a good question. LOL Not sure yet. i may make a couple more actually. I would like one on her bookbag and/or one on the wheelchair. That's for school. But I would also like one more prominent in the car in case we get in a wreck. So maybe on the side of her car seat.

I also have all our info on my cell start page as an ICE file that hopefully a medical person would look at if we got in a wreck.


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