Saturday, September 11, 2010

Back To School Sewing 2010

I've finished the majority of our back to school wardrobe. Jake needs 2 more pair of jeans and Katie needs 1 more and maybe some hoodies, but those can wait.

First up is 3 pair of Ottobre jeans for Jake. One pair I did regular with a zipper. This was my first jeans zipper. Totally not worth the effort! It came out great but it took me forever to figure it out. I only did it cause I thought it would make it easier to get his pants up because all of his old elastic waist ones from last year, I just couldn't get over his hips, therefore I thought the opened up zipper would be easier. But what I found was that the old ones were so hard to pull up because well.... he grew... 3 sizes, and they were just way too small! LOL So the new ones I made actually fit and go up over his hips just fine. So we'll stick with those!

Katie's wardrobe is a bit more fun!

This top is Farbenmix Antonia and the jeans are Farbenmx Kim

This shirt is Farbenmix Antonia or Quiara, I forget and the jeans are Farbenmix Dortje which I embroidered freehand:

Next, this shirt is from Ottobre and the jeans are Farbenmix Dortje again, just plain.

This pink striped shirt is from Ottobre and I know it looks bad. It wasn't completely dry and the flash accentuated the wet spots. I was impatient! LOL

This shirt is Farbenmix Antonia, just made really plainly:

And this shirt is Ottobre Orvokki:

These shorts started out as Ottobre "Pants with Frills". I cut out the uppers but when it came time to cut out the "frills" I just couldn't do it. It was just too FROO FROO. SO I hemmed them into shorts and added the pocket from Ottobre Sailor Pants.

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