Thursday, October 14, 2010

Jeans, shirt, & hoodie for Katie

She loved the hoodie... until I put it on her head! LOL She (both kids do actually) has sensory issues with her head and hair. It's an Ottobre pattern, as is the purple/ floral cross front shirt, which I love BTW! It's made from a baby blanket from Target that I got on clearance.

She really was not in the mood to model for me with these jeans. They are Farbenmix Dortje, of course. I have finally figured out what bugs me about this pattern. I love the fit but it doesn't have the panels above the back pockets. I will need to add that next time. I think they totally make a pair of jeans! I purposely leave them off of Jake because he's a wheelchair sitter and doesn't need the extra bulk back there, or the design since no one will see it. But Katie walks. The heart shirt modeled with the jeans are from a previous post. :-)

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