Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Last pair of jeans for Jake this year

I sewed these jeans for Jake a couple weeks ago. Somehow they were too short. If he were able to stand they would have been fine, but because he sits in his wheelchair all day, and because we tend to hike his pants up in the back to cover his diaper (yes I do sew them taller in the back to cover the diaper, but it's difficult getting him in the chair by myself so the pants aren't always positioned just right) anyway, somehow when we put him in the chair they were too short, so I ripped open the hems and added an extra 5 or 6 inch panel at the cuffs. I had run out of the denim I had used, so it doesn't exactly match LOL, but it doesn't look bad. They are adapted from an Ottobre elastic waist jeans pattern, adapted with a yoga waistband and higher rear rise for diaper coverage and wheelchair sitter.

I keep planning on doing a tutorial on raising the rear rise to cover a diaper, but I always forget! And these are the last pair that I will be sewing for Jake till next year (hopefully LOL) I promise to try and put up a tutorial for that... sometime... LOL

Oh and forgot these! These were part of Jake's back to school. Again, all adapted from Ottobre. THIS is why I won't need to sew any for a while!

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Cristina said...

me encanta! me gustaria saber como agrandar el pantalon por el trasero ji ji, felicidades por tu blog

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