Monday, March 9, 2009

Jeans for Jake

These are the first jeans I've ever sewn for Jake. The first pair of bigger size jeans I've ever sewn. I altered them a little by adding the the rear rise, but I didn't add enough to the front crotch depth. And the width across the hips needs to be widened a little. I forgot to raise the back pockets up a little when I raised the rise. The elastic is awful, not the right kind of stretch and I should have used 1.5 inch instead of 1 in. The length is perfect though. The next time I sew these, they should fit much better IF I can find good elastic!

I'm fairly happy with them because they are my first attempt and they did come out WEARABLE, which is what's important! And the back pockets ARE level!! They're just sitting funny.


Andi said...

Hi - I stumbled upon your blog when looking at "adapted clothing". I would appreciate knowing what pattern you used for Jake's jeans. They look like a great start! My son is nearly 16 yrs old and tall and thin - he has multiple disabilities and we need jeans with a high rise for diaper coverage. THANKS!

Micky said...

It's not so much the pattern as the alterations that you have to calculate. You can use any elastic waist jeans pattern. There aren't really any "adapted" patterns available. It would probably be easier for most people to find a Big4 pattern. Jake's jeans are from "Ottobre". But they have very few big kid patterns and this was the biggest size of these jeans I think. Basically all you need to do is find any elastic waist jean pattern and then add a curved rise to the back, however many inches you need for coverage. But I found that some crotch adjustments also need to be made, got to work that out. I will probably do a tutorial next time I sew a pair. Both kids need some.

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