Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Jeans & a shirt for Jake

First up, just another Onesie. Yes, they are just about all I make.. and just FYI- I have 3 more coming up to SNS this week LOL, but I will be sooo glad to get them done! All that's left is the ribbing. Anyhoo-


And these jeans... oh, man these jean!!! I had such high hopes for them!! They drove me crazy! 

Otto 4/2006 Cargo Pants.
Pattern goes up to a 146. I graded up to a 152. I was very diligent and measured accuratly. I KNOW I did it right... but let me tell ya... I think I could have went with a 140 or less with these! I mean I know they are a Cargo but crikey they swollowed him!!

I ended up having to rip off the waistband, take an inch off of the width of both sides (of the jeans , not the waistband) I only trimmed down the waist/hips, I didn't take them in all the way down the legs, though I could have, but I just left that baggy.

I also had added to the back rise to cover his diaper. I got the measurements correct in the back, covers his diaper great, but I had to add to the front rise too in order for the side seams to be level. Which brought the front rise nearly up to his chin LOL, so I kept the side seams the same but "dipped" out the front about 1.5 inches. That worked really well and I will probably do that more often. 

{{I HATE doing back pockets and refuse to do anymore }} I forgot the back pockets, oh well, I'll remember next time {{yeh, that sounds convincing enough}} LOL seriously though. He sits in a wheelchair all day, no one sees the back of his pants!! Besides, why put any extra bulk or creases back there when he sits on his bottom all day, I doubt it's too uncomfortable, but he can't tell me if it is, so why put it?

And me oh my! I tried fading these with some bleach pen.. it worked great!!!! Until I got the great idea to scrub it with my fingernails to work it into the fabric... DO NOT do that!! You should just wipe it on with a sponge! So I had to cut the legs off and redo- them. That's why the different color of the top and the bottom. They weren't supposed to be 2 pieces with the topstitching like that. I haven't bleached the bottoms out yet. I don't know if I will. I don't want to screw them up again. I'll probably just leave them as is. He has a tray over his lap most of the time anyway.

You can kinda see on the pic of the back of the jeans where some of it looks ok faded, but on the right side toward the bottom, it's streaky... times that by 50 and that's what the front looked like,  

Oh, I didn't add elastic at the bottom or do all the extra pockets on the legs like the pattern has. I just don't like those things on jeans for big kids. That's just me 

Anyhoo- On the the pics!! The flash makes the color difference much worse than in real life.



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