Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Puffis & Bert

The shirt is Otto 3/2008 Puffis. I cut the ribbing for the neck at 3.5 INCHES and it was supposed to be 3.5 CM.. oh well. The butterfly emb is from emb limbrary.

Shorts are Otto 3/2009 Bert. I didn't do the waistband as the instructions called for. I did it the way I prefer to do it. I may try it the other way at some point but I was pressed for time and didn't have the right elastic.

Emb on the back pockets I did by hand (obviously! LOL) I was going to do the front pockets too, but it was just too time consuming!!

I like the length of the Bert shorts better than what most of the other Otto shorts are. Easy Peasy pockets too!

I wish I could sew faster and I wish we went more places in order to need more clothes, because each new outfit is met with smiles and signing "pretty clothes" and now she is learning to self dress (and undress ARGH!!) and when she sees the clothes she starts trying to strip!!! LOL Luckily she can't totally undress if she's in a Onesie!!

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KID, MD said...

Cute outfit!! I actually like the wide neckband and I bet it's comfy. Isn't it wonderful when our sweet ones appreciate our efforts to make them pretty clothes?!

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